Victor is a young artist born in Moldavia, precisely in Cahul, on May 22nd 1993 and raised in Italy since he was 6 years old.
After his scientific graduation, he spent two years practicing the techniques of drawing and painting until he enrolled at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts to expand his knowledge of the world of art. Initially, Victor’s works were based on acrylic colors and later, wanting to deepen the use of colors, he began to experiment with oil colors, with which, in conclusion, most of his works are made. He also began to use gold and silver leaves as he was fascinated and inspired by Klimt’s works.

With an conceptual style, Victor wants to mix various techniques, also approaching to photorealism and abstract, to better understand the meaning of the artwork. He also makes videos and sculptures.

Still today Victor continues to express his point of view on society, on man and on man’s feelings, through painting, video and sculpture, always experimenting.


-Luglio 2022 – Esposizione collettiva “AbbiateArte”, Castello Visconteo, Abbiategrasso

-Ottobre 2019 – Esposizione personale “Oltre il realismo”, galleria Looking For Art, Milano

-Marzo 2018 – Esposizione personale “Signs”, Bar Frida, Milano

-Novembre 2016 – Esposizione collettiva ArtApp “La porta”, Officina Creativa dell’abitare, Montalcino


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